Welcome to my first ever BLOG!! I would like to thank YOU for stopping by and I hope that for whatever reason you’re here, you find everything you were looking for.
So, what is this blog about? My intention for starting this blog is to connect and network with many different types of people around the world. I’ve had the joy of experiencing many great things in life and I would like to share those experiences with everyone. Many people ask me for advice on many topics and now I feel the questions and answers are becoming repetitive. Sooo.. I’m here to help by doing what I can to answer any questions/concerns that you may have and to share a part of my life with all of you.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hot hot HOT!!!

I love hot food... I just recently stumbled upon a new gem on the market. Check out the Doritos 1st Degree and 2nd Degree Burn!


The 2nd Degree chips are the hottest.. but both bags have great flavor. I'll warn you though.. they're VERY HOT!!! Make sure to have a bottle of milk or juice close to your side ;)

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